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Earn points for every dollar you spend on services.

100 Instant referral points for you and your referral

Redeem your points for these services


500 points=

Brow shaping

Maintain your brow shape.

Spray Tan Legs

Give your gams a golden glow


800 points=

Micro Mist hair conditioning

The latest technology to achieve the deepest conditioning possible. Penetrates the hair cortex to rebuild strength. Polished shine lasts for weeks.

Spray Tan

Get that golden glow without the damaging effects from the sun.


2000 points=

Night Out

Blow dry styling, and make up application. Perfect for a night out on the town.


500 points=

Waxing Service

Your choice of facial waxing service.


Scalp Treatment

Enjoy a scalp massage and one of our prescribed treatments


30% off a styling product

for your next product purchase.


points expire after one year