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Hair Spa Treatments



Micro Mist. thiry-five dollars w/services.
sixty dollars ala cart

The latest technology to achieve the deepest conditioning possible. Penetrates the hair cortex to rebuild strength. Polished shine lasts for weeks. Seals hair shaft for better color retention.

Thermal. fifteen dollars w/services.
thirty-five dollars ala cart

Conditioning treatments with our roller ball processors are activated by the use of infra red heat.

Conditioning Pak. ten dollars w/services.
After your shampoo a suitable conditioner is combed through your hair and a hot towel is wrapped around your head while you enjoy the aromatic infusion of your treatment.

Reconstructing. fifty dollars +
Especially good for chemically stressed hair. May be used up to three times in one session. Proteins: penetrate deep into the core of the hair to build internal strength. Cerimide: enters cuticle layer to reinforce damaged areas. Natural lipids: Restore surface for shine and protection.

Clear Gloss. forty-five dollars +
Liquid hair polish. Seals and protects each strand. Imparts an amazing glass like shine. Lasts up to eight weeks.